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The Zambulat Arts and Music Festival 2020 Digital Media Marketing

The Zambulat Arts and Music Festival 2020 Digital Media Marketing

In less than ONE month branding and marketing for the very first Zambulat Arts & Music Festival launched. Thanks to a dedicated and committed production team, the festival production was a success.

Zambulat Logo

Key Points

  • We have 1 month to start the standardization the brand
  • Setup all Facebook and Instagram as it’s primary social media platforms
  • Create a basic website with complete information about the festival
  • Worked with the production team to define and design all graphics needed for signages and prints

The client originally had created a set of designs for street banners (streamers), printed flyers, and a Facebook cover with complete information about the festival.

Original Zambulat Graphics

Original Zambulat Graphics

We found out that the logo was based on:

  • The ethnic Zambales culture represented by the font
  • The Zambulat yellow represents the mangoes of the farm at CASA San Miguel
  • The red was inspired by the bricks used on the facade of CASA San Miguel

Simple Logo Standard

With the limited time and information above, we started with a very simple logo standard to base all the following graphics and prints from.

Wha tis a graphic standards guide or brand style guide?

graphic standards guide, a.k.a. brand style guide, a.k.a brand identity guide, presents an overview and best use practices for the visual assets of a brand.

The Benefits of a Graphic Standards Guide – Impulse Creative

Here is the Zambulat Arts & Music Festival logo standard we used. This made it easy to visualize the logo on a white background, light-colored background, dark-colored background, and black & white.

Zambulat Logo Standard
Zambulat Logo Standard

Then from here, we progressed to set up their Facebook and Instagram accounts to start their online advertising to targeted audiences on the Facebook and Instagram ad network.

Facebook Strategy

  • Instantly add our friends, relatives, family the Zambulat page and keep them updated with the event. This network is the most likely demographic that will purchase a Zambulat festival ticket.
  • Use Facebook ads and target a certain demographic who love the Arts, Music Festivals and our Performer’s fans.
  • Keep the hype up with constant updates about the festival through nice photos, behind the scenes updates and showing people what to expect. (Familiarity creates connections)
Official Zambulat Facebook Page

A Website in 2 Weeks?

We felt that the Zambulat Arts & Music Festival wouldn’t feel legit without a functioning website so we created a WordPress based website for them.

  • A complete line-up of all the artists with their profiles
  • Frequently asked questions especially about tickets, payments, directions and accommodation options
  • A simple form for tickets to collect all the information needed to reserve a ticket
  • While making it look as professional as possible
Official Zambulat Website
Website: Cinesambal Page

Website Posts

Content, content, content is the name of the game in digital media marketing. We know that familiarity attracts people. Our customers are more likely to buy a ticket if they have no doubts and have all their questions answered beforehand.

We created many posts about:

Info Videos

Videos get ranked higher and shown to more feeds compared to photos so we thought we would use the profile photos of our artists and create an engaging video that people are more likely to share on Facebook.

Zambulat Arts and Music Festival Trailer
5 Ways to have Fun in Zambales

Tarpaulin Signages

  • Entrance Signage
  • Street Banners / Streamers
  • Exhibit Information Standees
  • Festival Schedule Omnibus
  • Wrist Tickets
  • Bazaar Booth Labels
  • Artists and Staff Photo ID
  • Photowall
Zambulat Entrance Signage

Souvenir Program

We’ve been creating souvenir programs for years for our other client Kababayang Pilipino Cultural Performing Arts Group that are over 60 pages in a few months.

This 4 pager souvenir program was right in our alley and we were able to complete it within a few days pending content approval.

Zambulat Souvenir Program